Sinter Bonder:
AMX Automatrix:

Introducing Infotech's Sinter Bonder for extremely high accuracy tacking of dies. In-line, highly modular, and custom cells that perfectly compliment a sintering press.

AMX is an emerging Italian company, providing high force sintering presses for die-attach. Their patented technologies and innovative production cells allow for superior sintering solutions.

Introducing XWafer - An AMX patented system for laminating full wafers of varying sizes and thicknesses for high performance die attach applications

Infotech Sinter Bonder

Infotech Sinter Die Bonder

Low Force Sintering & "Tacking"

Infotech's Sinter Die Bonder is a highly flexible die-bonder featuring heated sintering heads with temperatures up to 300°C, force capabilities of 300N (optional 500N), heated substrate holders, as well as access to Infotech's Standard Component Matrix. Small dies, such as LED's, can be fully sintered or large dies can be accurately "tacked" onto the substrate before entering a sintering press. Batch assembly or in-line solutions are possible. Sinter Die Bonder (Infotech)

AMX Automatrix Presses

AMX Automatrix Sintering Presses

High Force Sintering

Air-Vac Automation is the North America Representative of AMX Automatrix. AMX is an emerging Italian company, providing high force sintering presses for die-attach. Their patented technologies feature adaptive height control for sintering different thickness dies, as well as several advancements to reduce equipment maintenance and downtime. R&D Presses and Multi-Punch Production Presses are available with forces up to 40 MPa (980 kN). Ag Sintering Presses (AMX Automatrix)

Infotech Sinter Desktop

Infotech Lab Sinter Desktop

Low Force Sintering & "Tacking"

The desktop sinter bonder is dedicated for presinter and sinter applications ranging from manual to semi automated and fully automated operations. The Lab solution develops pre-sinter processes with production equivalent peripherals. The process parameters can then be merged into the final production line solution. Sinter Desktop (Infotech)

Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping & Testing Services

Clean Room Environment

Our Seymour, CT facility offers assembly proof-of-concept and engineering services in our own demo lab. Additionally, our Italian partner, AMX, has an ISO 6 Clean Room that is fully equipped for prototyping and low volume production. This includes a combination of pre-sintering, sintering, wafer lamination, and inspection services. Please inquire for further information.