Automating Solutions For Multiple Markets

System Applications


Infotech's markets and applications are not limited to a single area - they are expansive and continually growing. Unlike other manufacturers, Infotech systems are highly modular and can be very custom with both hardware & software. Therefore, we are able to provide the best solutions for your process.

  • Automotive Industry - Sensors & Power Modules for electric vehicles...
  • Photonics & Optoelectronics - Laser Diode & Optics Assembly...
  • Semiconductor Industry - Power Diode Assembly & Wafer Die Handling...
  • Electronics/Surface Mount Devices - Assembly, Soldering, & Rework...
  • Micro-Mechanics & Watch - Gears, Pins, Mems, & Watch Assembly...
  • Biotechnology & Pharma - Dispensing, Assembly, & Packaging...

Application Videos

A Sampling of Videos - Automated Material Handling | Kitting & Sorting | Wafer Die Ejection & Handling | Dispensing & Pin Transfer | Bonding | Full Assembly...
Material Handling
Full Assembly
Kitting & Sorting
Production Line

Trays: Loading and unloading systems are available for a variety of palettes such as 2” or 4” Waffle Trays, JEDEC Trays, and many others. The machine handling of palettes is extremely smooth and shock-free. We also offer customer specific solutions for non standard systems and for integration with in-line systems.

Wafers with dies mounted on adhesive foil are fed to the machine on a fully-automated or semi-automated basis. Different frame types such as Disco, K&S, or ER expansion rings are supported. Magazines can be loaded to the front of the machine and wafers can be automatically loaded with machine actions to be performed on dies based on bin codes.

Vacuum nozzles are normally used in our machines with a broad variety of standard nozzles and custom tools. For the handling of exotic or extremely sensitive parts, there is also the possibility of using vacuum driven grippers or motor-driven grippers for larger parts. Ionizers, Observer Cameras, and more can be integrated to assist with the handling of parts.

Automatic nozzle calibrations, needle calibrations, and nozzle exchanges based on camera visions are standard on Infotech systems.

Die-ejectors on Infotech cells allow for the removal of components from tape as small as 150 microns. Automatic wafer handling & automatic needle exchangers are also available on our systems.

The Component Matrix allows assembly processes that go far beyond the standard. For example, parts can be placed on the substrate based on CAD data, their structure, or aligned relative to already placed parts. Components can be flipped or even assembled on tilt stations. Besides precision in X and Y, the angular resolution (Theta) often plays a central role. Assembly heads with backlash-free gearing (harmonic drives) and high resolution encoders allow an extremely high placement accuracy.

Motion Speeds, Delays, & Process Parameters are easily controlled and modified by the customer for each program or process task/move. Infotech's proprietary software, Visual Machines™, allows the user to create a library of parts and programs for full control of your process.

Dispensers: We offer a wide selection of dispensing valves from different manufacturers – time/pressure, precision micro-screw, jet dispense valves, and piston valves – are all available. In combination with the integrated vision system, standard applications such as dot & line dispensing, underfill, glob-top or conformal coating are possible, as well as complex 2D or 3D dispensing tasks. Multiple dispenser configurations and exchangeable dispenser types are possible on the robot head.

Automatic cleaning stations and calibrations allow for improved and consistent dispense processes. Infotech's proprietary software, Visual Machines™, both allows for easy dispense process setup and for the end-user to create a library of dispense materials & parameters.

Several Bonding Processes are available on Infotech systems - Eutectic/Thermo-Compression Bonding, Sintering, UV Curing Ovens, Bottom Heaters, Ultrasonic Bonding, In-Line Vacuum Ovens, Heated Bond-Heads, and more. We can combine these options with other stations, peripherals, and material handling options to meet your process needs.

Process Parameters such as force, temperature, time, etc... are easily modified by the customer in Infotech's proprietary software. Additionally, there are several ways to verify & control the process - vision checks for melted solder, software checks for important process parameters, traceability reports, etc...

Full assembly is the combination of several processes - assembling, dispensing, measuring, curing, die-bonding, etc... The compactness of Infotech systems allows us to provide a complete production process on fewer machines than it would be possible with standard equipment - reducing footprint and cost. Additionally, Infotech systems can be connected in-line to other equipment via a standard SMEMA interface.

Machine Configurations & Layouts are always adapted to the process in order to optimize cycle time. Units can work autonomously, allowing processes to work in parallel with high speed and precision. Our expansive component matrix and highly experienced engineering team allow us to overcome almost any process challenge.

Kitting & Sorting can be combined with inspection, testing, and treatment processes on Infotech machines. Perform multiple processes on a single Infotech machine in order to add value to the part. For example, the machines can integrate optical inspections, electrical tests, oiling, laser marking treatments, and more into a kitting & sorting process.

The Component Matrix offers several possibilities for handling, treating, & inspecting parts. Automatic material transport systems allow the machine to run continuously without operator intervention. Additionally, we can also integrate third party hardware such as 3D scanners or Photodiode sensors to meet the process requirements.

Production Lines combine several machines and processes in-line in order to complete an assembly. Third-party machines such as ovens and testing equipment can be connected in-line as well in order to meet the customer's requirements. Complex and detailed processes such as watch movements and high power electronic assemblies can be realized with an Infotech Production Line.

Conveyor Systems are typically used for processed materials from machine to machine, however buffer stack feeders can be integrated to ensure continuous flow of material. Several automated feeding peripherals are available for each machine in the line in order to not interupt the process.