Electric Vehicles:

Die Attach Systems

Full Traceability:

Battery systems in electric vehicles are subjected to ever-increasing performance, form factor, and reliability requirements. Ag Sintering technology helps to address these problems and is the future of high power electronics. Ag Sintering offers void-free bonding with superior thermal and electrical performance.

Air-Vac Automation and Infotech AG are partners in manufacturing highly flexible and customizable automation equipment. We have more than 1,600 systems installed worldwide and more than 36 years of experience. In partnership with AMX Automatrix, we also offer Silver Sintering Presses for die attach.

Process control and traceability on our equipment is highly flexible. Inspections and generated logs/reports can be customized to the application requirements. SECS/GEM communication is also possible for further machine control. The customer has full controll of all speeds, delays, temperature, and more.

Die Bonder Systems

Hybrid Bonder

System Example

  • +/- 10µm @3sigma with possibility of <5µm accuracy
  • 3 m/s Robot Speeds - Vision, Pick, Vision, Place ~1 s or faster
  • Highly Flexible Programming and Customization
  • Pick, Place, Dispense, Bond, Cure, Inspect
  • Fully Automated Material Handling Systems; 12" Wafer Support
  • Full Process Control & Traceability
  • Infotech

    Meeting your Application Needs

    Unparalled Flexibility

    Our systems feature more than 1,000 peripheral options. If we don't already have a peripheral designed, then we will readily design and manufacture a new one or integrate a third party unit to meet your application requirements. Furthermore, we can readily customize our already very flexible software platform to incorporate custom functions, interfaces, motion, and logic.

    In-Line Production Line

    Company Presentation

    Multiple machines can be connected in-line to each other as well as to third party machines to form a complete production line. Individual production cells range from 900 mm up to 2,000 mm footprints. Small tabletop platforms are also available for lower volume production and R&D tasks. Systems are standard ISO 7, but can be configured down to ISO 6 compatibility.

    Complex and Hybrid Assemblies

    Die Attach Methods

  • Eutectic, Ultrasonic, Thermocompression, Ag Sintering...
  • Custom heaters for substrates and wafers
  • Heated bond heads and tooling designed for application
  • Optional hot gas heaters provide a cover gas environment
  • Precision force feedback and temperature control
  • Advanced Thermal Compensation Features
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