Assembly Systems
Dispensing Systems
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Accuracy and Speed

Precision in Automation

Accuracy and Speed

Infotech Systems are designed and manufactured to handle components as small as 100um with extremely high accuracy and speed. Every machine layout is optimized for your process and only the highest quality components are used - from linear bearings, linear motors, to harmonic drives, etc...


Combine Multiple Systems Into One


Save floor space and money by utilizing a single system to do multiple actions and processes - Wafer Ejection, Pick & Place, Dispensing, Bonding, Inspection, Testing, etc... Take advantage of our powerful and flexible software platform, Visual Machines™, to create multiple programs and have full control of your process.

Traceability and Process Control

Protect Your Process

Traceability & Process Control

Eliminate operator/process interaction by utilizing automated material feeders, cleaning stations, and calibration routines. Add process verifications into the process flow and log important process parameters/results for every run of material. Inspect components, both pre/post assembly, with custom and flexible vision.


Each Machine is Tailored to Your Needs


If we can't satisfy a specific hardware need for your process from our expansive component matrix, we can engineer and design a new solution. Our Visual Machines™ software can also be customized for the customer needs - everything from custom interfaces, logic and motion routines to communication interfaces.

Engineering Innovative and Custom Solutions

Swiss Engineering