High Precision Performance
Designed specifically for Semiconductor Assemblies including Flip Chip and Die Bonding. Capable of other technologies such as MEMS devices, optical component placements and chips down to 200 microns square.


Waffle Trays

Auto Component Handling
7 motors provide X & Y alignment and Z & theta axis adjustment. Resolution of the optical scales is 1/2 micron, allowing for automatic picking from waffle trays or GelPak's. Feeders are taught and each pocket is indexed automatically.


Heater/Cooler Platens

Custom Heated Stages
Custom designed bottom heating (eutectic) & cooling stages allow for precise heat-up to bond/cure/reflow dies and chips. Options for forced cool-down and cover gas. Range 50 to 400˚C.


Diode Place

Precision Gas Nozzles
Gas is delivered through standard and custom nozzles which can be any size or shape. Quick change design requires no tooling. There is a separate input for nitrogen or cover gas.


Epoxy Dispensing

Epoxy Dispensing
The ONYX29 Die Bonder offers optional time/pressure dispensing for conductive and non-conductive epoxies including glues, flux and solder paste.


Gas Heater

Powerful Gas Heater
2000 watt top heater delivers hot gas (air, nitrogen, forming) to the die and perform area. Range 50 to 450˚C. Heater allows for thermocompression bonding and SMD reflow.


Beamsplitter Vision

Head Peripherals
• Programmable Z-axis
• Motorized theta axis +/- 15 deg
• Multiple Field Of View Vision
• Beamsplitter Vision Alignment
• 2000 watt Top Heater
• Nozzle "cool-air" Injection System


Beamsplitter Vision

Beamsplitter Vision
Component alignment is handled through the beamsplitter prism. This optical alignment system has X, Y, and theta adjustments to position parts within +/-3 microns. Calibration is completely done through the software.


Table Peripherals

Table Peripherals
• Application Plate to support waffle
tttrays and other substrates.
• Heater/Cooler Platen with vacuum
• Micro-Force system .2-160N
• 4 Programmable T/C Channels
• Personal Computer


User Friendly Software

User-Friendly Software
VISUAL MACHINES Software is designed to put the focus on the application, not the programming. It is an object oriented, modular software environment that enables rapid implementation of complex motion, vision and process control modules.


Solder Paste Dispensing

Die Bonder Options
• Direct View Camera
• Time/Pressure Dispenser
• Shuttle & 5 Position Tool Changer
• NMX Pick & Place Nozzle
• Ultrasonic Bonding
• Material Dipping/Stamping
• Tape Strip Holder

• ESD Workstation with PC Holder


ONYX29DB Workstation

• Base Dimensions: 32W"x32D"x36H"
• With Workstation: 78W"x50D"x55H"
• Weight: 265 lbs.
• With Workstation: 365 lbs.
• Electrical: 208-220V, 3 phase, 20 amp